Eunha Shim(b.1972-) was born in a city full of greenery in South Korea. Her artwork is based on the concept of nature as a part of Genesis. Her first exhibition was held in Seoul in 2015. Over the past six years, she has engaged extensively with her community and has been presented with special awards numerous times. “Grass Meadow” is a prominent theme of her work, rooted in nature. Rather than simply colorful and attractive flowers, the mystery of the grassroots ecosystem spreads over the fields that dominate her work. The prosperity of nature manifests through delicate touches filling up the canvas. Shim’s series’ of artwork tell the themes of Recovery, Genesis, and Relation.

  • 2021 <색선추상 – Line BLUE>, 까렌다쉬 아트 플레이스, 일산
  • 2021 <Oratorio – 풀의 기도>, 연정 갤러리, 진주
  • 2021 <Healing Land>, 남산 갤러리, 서울
  • 2021 <회복 – Recovery>, 중부 명성 교회 카페 갤러리, 청주
  • 2020 <Kairos Time>, 태평양 교회 성전 갤러리, 용인
  • 2020 <Season of Christ>, 온누리 교회 카페 갤러리, 서울
  • 2015 <The Flood>, 온누리 교회 카페 갤러리, 서울
  • 2015 <Touched>, TOPOHAUS, 서울
  • 2015단체전 KCAF, 인사아트센터 외 단체전 다수
  • 2020 나혜석 미술대전 특선
  • 2020 ART For ART 대상전 특선
  • 2017~2020 대한민국 기독교 미술대전 특선
  • 2022 First Berliner Art Book Selected Artist
  • 2021-2019 Invitational Artist
  • 2021-2019 Korean Arts Competition Invitational Artist
  • Christian Art Exhibition in Korea" Major Exhibitions Solo Exhibitions
  • 2021 "Colourline Abstract - Line BLUE"
  • Caran d'Ache Art Place,lsan
  • 2021 "Organio - Prayer of Grass", Yeonjung Gallery, Jinju
  • 2021 "Healing Land", Namsan Gallery, Seoul
  • 2021 "Recovery", Jungbu Myungsung Church Cafe Gallery, Cheongju
  • 2020 "Kairos Time", the Pacific Church Temple Gallery, Yongin
  • 2020 "Season of Christmas", Onnuri Church Cafe Gallery, Seoul
  • 2015 "The Flood", Onnuri Church Cafe Gallery, Seoul
  • 2015 "Touched", TOPOHAUS, Seoul Group Exhibitions
  • 2015-2021 KCAF Exhibition, Insa Art Center
  • And other 30 group exhibitions
  • 2020 Na Hye Seok Art Exhibition Special Award
  • 2020 ART For ART Grand Prize Special Award
  • 2017-2020 Christian Art Exhibition Special Award

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